The Chasing Daylight Ball Marker

We’re excited to announce the Limited Edition Chasing Daylight Ball Marker!

Thanks to the fantastic crew at Atomic Golf we’re bringing our very first ball marker release. For this one, we decided to keep it clean and simple but still add in a little flare. Atomic Golf has had a few releases of their own with a minted version, and we LOVED them!

With the minted version it adds a level of detail that is absent from a milled ball marker. Don’t get me wrong. We’re a massive fan of the milled ones, and we have plans for the release of that type as well. However, I’ve fallen madly in love with a minted ball marker. The look and feel are incredible, and we think you will fall in love as well.

Ball Marker

For this limited run, we’ll have 30 available.

You can purchase one now by going to The Breakfast Ball Web Store. This release is selling for $35 (plus shipping), and when they are gone, they are gone. The only other way you’ll be able to obtain one in the future is by being a guest on the show!

We have more releases like this planned in the coming months. We intend to work with some of the vendors who have supported us on this new adventure as well as brands which we’ve supported throughout the years.

Again, thanks to Joel and his team for helping make this first release a success! We hope you pick on of these up and enjoy it as much as we do!

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