E2: Na, Memorial Day and Golf

A lot of golf talk on tap for Episode 2

Kevin Na wins

In this show, Matt and Ryan offer their takes on Kevin Na and his weekend victory in Texas and his unique relationship with his caddy. Spieth and his tournament garner a few minutes and they discuss his future. Also on the table is some talk about a few golf companies that are supporting our men, servicewoman, and veterans in ways that are a foundation for their businesses.

They then talk about how golf brings people together unlike any sport in the world and they share some stories their stories. Then they wrap it up with some talk about what’s on deck for this summer.

Links and information about this episode

First off here’s the definition of Ryan’s word drop:

VERBOSE: ver·bose / vərˈbōs / adjective

  1. using or expressed in more words than are needed.

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