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I am the founder and one of the writers of The Breakfast Ball. My wife will tell you I'm obsessed with the game, she's right! It's that obsession which drives me to become a better player and make this site enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you! One month in and Chasing Daylight is rolling along!

We never knew it would be this much fun.

When Ryan and I decided we were going to push forward and start this podcast, we had some ideas of how it would go. But, neither of us thought it was going to be this much fun to sit in front of a microphone and talk about golf.

After thinking about it, though, it’s what we usually do anyway. Now, there happens to be a microphone in front of us.

For me, this adventure has been eye-opening. What I have loved about building the blog is how much I have had to learn. This old dog has learned a few new tricks, and it has kept my mind working. Every day I’m trying to think of new ways to enhance the site and bring great content to our readers. Now, with this podcast, I’m feeling rejuvenated to do the same thing but now in a completely new format.

It’s been a learning curve; that’s the truth.

We both want to say thank you!

Five episodes in and we’re feeling great about how the shows are going so far. The feedback we have received from everyone who has listened has been tremendous, and we’re very grateful. There have been a few bugs along the way, and we’re doing our best to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, the majority of the work that goes into getting the podcast started has been a blast. The struggles to ensure everything is as close to perfect can be cumbersome at times, but for the most part, we are having way too much fun getting the podcast off the ground.

However, without all of you, none of this is possible. We know the growth of the show will take some time. But, we also need your help in spreading the word about Chasing Daylight.

Share the links, subscribe to the show, give us a rating, tell your friends. All of these things will help us get there and in the end, will only make the show better! We very much so want to have our listeners be involved in our discussions and help the show grow. We are working on a few ways that will allow more people to get involved. Once that is in place it’s going to bring a new way for us to interact with everyone.

We can’t say it enough. Thank you!

Who and What is coming soon to the Podcast

We have several guests lined up and wanted to share with everyone who’s in the works:

And we’re working out the details to get Akbar Chisti from Seamus Golf on the show as soon as possible. After seeing him at the Bandon Solstice and “obtaining” a few new pieces of their work, I’m very eager to get him on the show so he can talk about his brand and what they are doing to grow the game. It’s an amazing story!

Be sure to follow along on our social media channels.

We do have some social pages for you to follow along for updates and other information.

Thank you again for all of you who have joined us so far! We look forward to bringing you more episodes and continuing the challenge of growing the show!


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